FARO’s Digital Signature provides encrypted security to all raw scans by hashing data at the time of capture. With this new automatic digital hashing feature, FARO customers can show that their raw scan data has not been altered from the time the scans were captured. This introduction represents the first of its kind to secure the integrity of 3D data capture at its source.


Always-on, Encrypted Security at the Time of Capture for Authentication of Evidence

Whenever a Focus Laser Scanner captures a scan, the data is now digitally “signed.” An industry-standard algorithm is used to map each raw scan to a single number, called a hash value. The hash value can be checked at any time to make sure that the raw scan file has not been tampered with. Due to the fully automatic nature of the digital signature, concerns of users turning off are eliminated. Also, customers can be confident in their chain of custody of the scan data by verifying the data has not been altered since it was captured.

Admissibility in Courts


Recently Rules of Evidence used in legal proceedings have been updated in the United States, the state of Arizona, and in India recommending or even requiring the use of hash values to authenticate or self-authenticate digital data submitted as evidence in courts of law. FARO’s new Digital Signature feature, automatically generates hash values, which enable self-authentication of digital evidence in a court.

The Scan Verification Tool can be used in pre-trial proceedings or in any legal setting where authenticity may be challenged to verify that the digital signatures values match instantly.


Instant Verification of the Authenticity of Scan Data

A stand-alone, free, FARO Scan Verification Tool (App) is used to compare the original scan data captured at the scene with the data in question. This tool ensures the scan files have not been altered in any way and data is unchanged since first captured.

3D Scanning for Public Safety & Security Professionals




Security and Military

Capture any scene in 3D, exactly how it was at the time of the scan. Everything the device can “see” is recorded as data points, the so called: “point cloud”. You can use this point cloud to digitally take measurements, create diagrams, animate scenes, and present “walk-throughs” with or without VR that are ideal for court room presentations.

Your ultimate 3D Scanner Forensic Experience includes:

  • Easy-to-use solution of hardware and dedicated forensic software
  • Portability and flexibility
  • IP54 rating; Protection against dirt, dust, fog, rain and other outdoor elements
  • Extended temperature range for scanning in extreme environments
  • LaserHDRTM Images with Point Clouds
  • Certification
  • Reliable data, fast and accurate diagrams and reports, and:
  • Digital hashing – encrypted security for scan data